Family Weekend Performances & Activities, June 4-5, 2016

In and around the Ordway, performing artists from around the world take to the stage for two full days of shows. Indoor performances are only $5 a person and outdoor performances are free!

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Squonk Opera’s Pneumatica

Outdoor Installation
Sat June 4: 10:30AM, 1PM and 3PM
Sun June 5: 10:30AM, 1PM and 3PM
Pneumatica  is an event about air, made of air, and powered by air. Fantastic figures and shapes rise and grow with the power of air, culminating in the 40-foot tall Lady Pneumatica, who rides the wind and sails high above the crowd.


Air Play

Ordway Music Theater
Sat June 4: 11am & 2pm
Sun June 5: 11:30am & 1:30pm
A comic adventure on an epic scale. Air Play is an innovative and spectacular all ages show featuring high-flying air sculptures, dancing kites, hovering balloons, and soaring umbrellas that will inspire moments of sheer wonder.

 Performance Details

 Performance Details


Viento de Agua Unplugged

Ordway Concert Hall
Sat June 4: 10am & 12pm
Sun June 5: 12pm & 2pm
Viento de Agua Unplugged will have you dancing and singing along in your seats as they perform stripped-down, all-percussion versions of the Afro-Puerto Rican influenced bomba and plena.

The Paul & Sheila Wellstone Center
Wed June 1: 7:30pm-8:30pm
Intro to Plena and Bomba style drumming Workshop


Sleeping Beauty Dreams

Weyerhaeuser Auditorium in Landmark Center
Sat June 4: 10:30am & 2:30pm
Sun June 5: 10:30am & 12:30pm
A young princess with overprotective parents seeks the freedom to search for true love, and her true self, in this whimsical puppet performance based loosely on the popular fairy tale.

 Performance & Workshop Details

 Performance Details


Where the Wild Things Are

Ordway Drake Room
Sat June 4: 10am, 12pm & 2pm
Sun June 5: 12pm & 2pm
This interactive adventure follows a rambunctious boy named Max as he is transported to a faraway island where he befriends the Wild Things and helps to “let the Wild Rumpus begin.”

Landmark Center, room 314
Wed June 1: 6pm-7:30pm
Working With the Very Young Educator Workshop

 Performance & Workshop Details